1. Printers working.

2. Computers working.

3. Fully stocked equipment storerooms.

4. Logically laid out equipment storerooms!

5. Rotas with an appropriate number of staff.

6. Locum staff who understand the word ‘responsibility’.

7. Not being bleeped 4 times within two minutes by the same person.

8. Understanding that you can’t be in more than one place at the same.

9. Other specialties understanding that when you’re calling them it’s not to ruin their lives but because you’re asking for their help.

10. Councils realising that doing an audit because it’s compulsory doesn’t improve clinical practice.

11. Managers realising that statistics can’t replace frontline experience.

12. A ‘Thank You’ from anyone goes a long way.

13. ‘I’m sorry’ works both ways and also goes a long way.

14. When you call me make sure you’ve you’ve got your facts straight.

15. If its 1430 and I’m free give me work to do NOT when it’s 1755.

16. Porters arriving on time.

17. iPads. We need more of them.

18. Doctor’s rooms that are stocked and have no rats.

19. We’re not rich. Courses & exams don’t have to cost so much.

20. We’re human.


Dr Saif Abed
Founding Partner
AbedGraham Healthcare Strategies Ltd

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