Don’t Blame Cameron, Blame the Bureaucrats (Video)

In the video above, which you’ve no doubt watched by now, you’ll have ‘enjoyed’ one of those classic moments where politicians are put on the spot and have to devise a diplomatic way out of their awkward situation.

Now I chuckle with great mirth each time I see a politician squirming in their seat as much as the next guy.

But seriously.

What happened in the video above underlines the ignorance and disinformation that is spread by opposition party groups, among others, up and down the land on a regular basis. Healthcare is used as political fodder in a game of one upmanship where the only guarantee is that no effective healthcare reforms will be implemented any time soon.

Fair enough, if you have a serious grievance then getting access to the Prime Minister of all people is fantastic. However, the reality is that the general public seem to seriously believe that the Prime Minister has the political clout to deal with issues such as access to medications, control of waiting lists and quality of care.

He doesn’t. Why not?


I can’t even say bureaucrats since I genuinely believe that the significant majority of people who work in healthcare do so with the intention of improving the health of others. Yet the web we have weaved of public bodies, investigatory groups, care commissions, research groups amongst others never leads to any forward movement!

You see I’ve  encountered NHS bureaucracy because I worked in it, trained in it and researched in it. You’ve probably encountered it because you’ve been to a hospital or visited your GP in the vain hope of getting to see a specialist. It’s infuriating for patients, like in the above video, but it’s especially infuriating for the doctors and nurses who have to deal with these so called commissions, agencies and bodies.

It all boils down to party politics. We know our NHS is suffering and we know we’re not really coping.

Yet any hope of reform is going to be met with the grandest of political opposition and stalling but these party powers can’t be seen to be doing nothing can they?

So they consult with their respective ‘Lords’ and medical bodies and lo and behold we have a new ‘commission’ set up to tackle the square root of nothing. It causes an endless sigh.

The depressing part is that patients are suffering in what is supposedly one of the worlds’ leading medical systems. We’re proud of our NHS but it’s exclusively comprised of red tape. None of the complaints that the public have are new, they’re merely re-runs of the same old, same old but we still can’t seem to get round to fixing them.

We will never experience positive reforms or changes until we cut the bureaucracy and have a strong political party and leadership willing to back its reformists.

So today’s blog has morphed into a short rant. Well, it’ll be back to business as usual soon where I’ll be discussing health systems in the Far East. Meanwhile, if you’ve been enjoying my blog series be sure to subscribe to it, forward or retweet it!

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Dr Saif F Abed
Founding Partner
AbedGraham Healthcare Strategies Ltd




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