Evening Sessions #22: Warzone Globalisation

Iraq and Libya.

Apart from being war torn and oil filled in recent years they have also become trade and investment opportunity hotspots.

And don’t they just know it. Emerging economies around the world are constantly wooing international investors and professionals with tax-breaks, subsidised investment opportunities and lucrative collaborative projects. As a strategic consultant based in the traditional, European and US markets the opportunities in the emerging economies call like the Wild Wild West.

Iraq and Libya (even Egypt) are different though. Regime change is like a ‘reset button’ often clearing the slate of past business contracts and negotiations leaving them open for new bidders and negotiators but it importantly offers a different type of opportunity. Often depending on the type of regime change it can create an intellectual vacuum and openness to new ideas and concepts.

Maybe this doesn’t have to be a problem anymore?

One of the reasons I’ve been focusing on a combination of discussing change and cultural psychology in my blogs is that there are new economies where a highly tailored approach can yield remarkable dividends. Just like the transmission of management concepts from the USA to Japan and then back again, there are emerging, almost infant, economies where tried and tested strategic theories can be applied.

Corporate strategy is a young field still finding its feet in traditional economies many of which are in recession. The emerging economies may offer the resources and open minds to take the application of corporate strategy further and sooner.

Ultimately, it will be the adventurous, brave and foolish who seek to ply their trade in these high risk territories.

But maybe, just maybe the rewards will come true.

Dr Saif F Abed
Founding Partner
AbedGraham Healthcare Strategies Ltd
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