Evening Sessions #18: Business Logistics in Amman

Recently, my daily blog hasn’t been so daily but I’ve a legitimate reason. I’m currently in Amman, Jordan at a friends wedding (which was magnificent) and I thought I’d take the time to investigate how business works around these parts.

Now I’m fortunate enough to have family who operate very successful businesses here who I was able to pester with my endless stream of questions. So today via my iPad, live from Amman I’m now finally able to bring you the Evening Sessions #18!

The first revelation I learned was that there is no functional address system in Amman. Deliveries only happen because the locals know exactly where they need to go because of landmarks and whatnot. Letters are posted to PO boxes, and McDonalds apparently have the most detailed map system of any organisation in the country to deliver their cholesterol burgers, priorities right?

This leads to the salient point of confirming your address, how do you do it without having an official address? It’s simple, banks and the like don’t ask for addresses, I hear you ask what if you need to receive a letter to do with social security etc etc (or speeding ticket fines) again the solution is obvious, they put your name in the newspaper of course!

Infrastructure is developing at an unprecedented rate in these parts but if something isn’t considered a problem according to local standards then it’s simply going to persist regardless of international standards or the bewilderment of foreign investors.

What’s the solution? In a previous blog I discussed the need to appreciate that culture can’t simply be learned by speaking the language or reading a guide book. You need to go there, live, breathe and experience the pitfalls. Only then can you merge your world with the world you hope to invest your time and effort in.

The beauty of globalisation is that potential and opportunity can be accessed at the click of a button but so too can its pitfalls.

Tread carefully.

Dr Saif F Abed
Founding Partner
AbedGraham Healthcare Strategies Ltd


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