Evening Sessions #10: Keep it Simple, Stupid!

So after a weekend break I’m back with the next instalment of the Evening Sessions.

A quick thank you for all the positive comments I’ve been e-mailed, if you’re enjoying the series please do share it with friends and colleagues.

Now enough of that.

Back to business.

Inspired and ambitious people get it wrong. All the time. In fact, they get it wrong repeatedly and can’t figure out why. You see creative, intelligent people have ambitious plans, visions and can easily inspire their teams. They often operate on a level above what their customers and clients need.

And that’s the problem.

You forget the most important thing about what you’re doing. That one irrefutable variable that you have to satisfy. Your customers.

They don’t care about your management science, your mathematical formulas or your magic bullet. They care about achievable results, they care about their bottom line and the value of what you give them. So, go back to basics, talk to your customers and find out what they want, why they like you and what they’d like you to change.

Re-connect. Give your customers’ what they want.

Solve their problem, not the one you’ve imagined.

Dr Saif Abed

CEO and Co-Founder

Abed Graham Healthcare Strategies Ltd


If you are enjoying this blog series, feel free to share it with friends & colleagues!


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