Evening Sessions #8: The ‘Ten Cs’ of Employee Engagement

Do you love your job?

You can tell me, I won’t tell your boss…I promise.

Or maybe you’re now the boss, do your employees love working for you? You really think so?

Actually, let’s look at it a bit differently, when was the last time one of your employees had an idea that led to a breakthrough? Did you have to ask or did they just tell you?

Seriously, I can’t tell you the number of times employees are asked for their ideas and none are ever explored or taken forward and then the top brass wonder why their employees aren’t feeling engaged and overtly loyal to their companies.

I might consult about strategy but I know that a strategy is all talk until it’s put into action and no matter how great you are you’ll need a team. So today I present to you a model by a pair of gifted academics Dan Crim and Gerard Sejits called The Ten C’s of Employee Engagement. So here goes:

Connect – show you care, talk to your employees and develop the rapport

Convey – be very clear about your expectations, have high standards but make sure they’re achievable

Contribute – don’t just listen, demonstrate that employee input can lead to significant change

Control – let them have some, they’ll feel ownership over their work and your company’s fate, empowerment = spectacular results

Career – create a dynamic, ever changing range of work that leads to personal and professional development

Clarity – you have a strategy, develop it and talk about it clearly with your employees

Collaborate – turn one empowered employee into a team of like minded, driven employees and watch the results

Confidence – You’ve got it in the way you work, share it

Credibility –  With confidence comes pride through maintaining an image and reputation which your employees reflect

Congratulate – Acknowledge success, create reward, you’d be surprised how far even a few words go

It may look like a lot but it’s a surprisingly simple and common sense set of steps. I’ve felt a need for at least some of these when I’ve worked as an employee and now I pledge to empower my employees out of respect but also because it perpetuates a cycle of success for my team.




Dr Saif Abed

CEO and Co-Founder

Abed Graham Healthcare Strategies Ltd


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