Evening Sessions #5: Blue Ocean Strategy

Why’s your business better than any of your competitors?

You’ve got 30 seconds to give me three good reasons.

Don’t worry, I’ll get a coffee or something while you do that.


All done?

Did you perhaps say price, quality or value for money? If you did I’m sorry to say those are probably the same reasons your competitors across the street gave.

One of my favourite strategic theories is that of the Blue Ocean. It goes that most businesses are battling to be better than each other over the same selling points. They’re actually trying to outgun each other and it’s a bloodbath! They’re in a red ocean and it ain’t pretty.

How about we change up the rules of the game? Create your own market where you’re the alpha male where if everyone else wants to join the party then they’ll have to play by your rules. It’s a blue ocean and there’s no one battling you. If you get it right everyone will come flocking to have a bit of what you’re selling.

Focus, divergence and a simple, compelling tag line is all it takes to get started according to the innovators of blue ocean strategy. Sure, there are some tools to get you on your way but I’ll get round to those in my next blog.

Innovation has to start somewhere and sometimes all it takes is a change of mindset.

A bit of lateral thinking.

That old Chestnut.

Dr Saif Abed
CEO and Co-Founder
Abed Graham Healthcare Strategies Ltd



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