Healthcare: Why is no-one to blame?

Over the last generation the NHS has developed a no blame culture.

Made a mistake? Don’t worry we’ll work it out.

Make the same mistake again? Don’t worry it’s not your fault, it’s the system?

Have an idea to change or improve the system? We don’t have the resources or time for that!

This happens alarmingly often.

Diagnoses are missed, drugs are administered at the wrong doses and waiting lists get longer. Yet somehow no one is to blame. No one recognises their part in the process.

Sure we have a plentiful supply of checklists to make us feel secure but they differ from hospital to hospital. There is much procrastination and planning but there is minimal time spent training the execution and application of our multitude of protocols.

Over the next few weeks I will be blogging my analysis of numerous management philosophies and techniques and how they can be applies to healthcare.

The solutions are there, the resources can be re-allocated and clinical care can be improved. Healthcare is not unique in its problems but a no blame culture and unwillingness to embrace innovation in management has left it far behind every other sector.

It’s time we caught up.

Dr Saif Abed
CEO and Co-Founder
Abed Graham Healthcare Strategies Ltd


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